South East Neighborhood Improvement Committee.

Born of action to preserve and protect our older housing, S.E.N.I.C. addresses quality of life issues affecting residents of our neighborhood. Upper Southeast Yakima is both very low income and very historic. It is a rare neighborhood with intact as built small vernacular houses. We have great faith in the people, land and homes of our wonderful neighborhood. 

Established by Neighbors


Mission:       Holistic neighborhood improvement through citizen involvement

Motto:        "We do more with less"

SENIC operates in Yakima, Washington, 98901.  We tend to live and work on Yakima's East side and North Central, but our prime territory is South of Yakima Ave, North of Maple, East of the Railroad tracks.West of the River, Inside US Census Track 15.  We are not associated  at all with the SE Community Center.

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