S.E.N.I.C. Projects and Programs:

  • Union Commons: A neighbor built and maintained pocket park at East Spruce and Union Streets Since 1980, SENIC  has developed and maintained this pocket park on several contiguous  un-buildable small lots, between Union and South 8th St, north and south of Spruce St..  Flowering shrubs , perennials and shade trees and spring blossoms are the theme.
  • Ida Powell House and Grounds:  Protecting an intact original 1895 Yakima farmstead on the National Register of Historic Places from inappropriate development since 1979. The farmstead is located at 207 Union St, an easy three block walk south of the Yakima Convention Center and new Holiday Inn Express on Yakima Ave.
  • Yakima Academy of the Arts:  Since 1989, dependent on funding and available space a free Multiple Fine Arts, simple skills, and gardening program for youth 2-20 years old.  Brain development, civic responsibility,and multifaceted humans with positive life skills are our goal.
  • Stay in School Advocacy: Homework assisatance and encouragement to complete a full public school education in Yakima.

  • Forget-Me-Not Festival or Fiesta de No me OlvidesHeld on occassion in late July or early August  in memory of South East residents no longer living.  Candleight on Union Commons, gentle music, Christmas lights on front porches, a potluck under Ida Powell's ancient Walnut tree and solemn respect mark this very local holiday.

  •  We are a 501-c3
  • Historic Preservation: We encourage neighborhood improvement by advocating for the  preservation of historic housing stock and  infrastructure such as the  original  irrigation system, sidewalks, public facilities, open space and urban forest trees. 

  • Surgical demolition- recycling  We save old growth lumber, trim and built-ins for the future and keep historic resources out of the landfill.  Our motto is: "we can do more with less". We care about natural resources so we choose to reuse the materials others  shamefully throw into the landfills.
For more information contact:  SENIC AGENT Maud Scott in Yakima, Washington or at
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