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Tapping Creative Energy Since 1989

  • Fine Arts and American Tap Dance instruction, and Music Appreciation
  • Homework Assistance
  • Stay in School Advocacy
  • Learning Civil Behavior and Community Awareness


    Free Arts Program for ages 2*-20 years old regardless of income-City wide.

    Siblings caring for younger brothers and sisters, and teen parents with children are encouraged to participate together.

     Provide alternative disciplined activities for at risk youth that   harness their creative energy.


 Old Madison Elementary School in SE Yakima

AKA Union gospel Mission Youth Center


     Dedicated individuals with long term program commitment, neighborhood connection, common sense, respect for all children and cultures and some well honed skills to pass on to others.


*No child care is provided:  a non-independent child [usually children under 5] must be accompanied by a responsible sibling approved by staff or a responsible adult. Why?  Sometimes children who simply cannot behave and are disrupting quality work/class/learning time will be asked to leave, right now.  They will need a sibling or adult to take them away, right now.   

From a 6 year participant, “We keep coming because you stay at us and encourage us to do activities we would never have considered doing”.



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